Friday, April 4, 2008

Mid-Life Lady Bloggers Are Out of the Closet!

As I was cruising the blogosphere yesterday, my lucky stars were twinkling. I came upon a wonderful blog, ByJane, where a discussion was raging about mid-life lady bloggers.

The gist was that we are very much out there sharing our wit, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge...basically blowing to smithereens the old cliche that once you hit mid-life, you become invisible. We represent such an unprecedented diversity of circumstance and experience. We are in a place our mothers never dreamed of. That is what pulled me into this mid-life cyberjourney in the first place.

And, since a good portion of our website WomenBloom is devoted to Member Essays, poetry etc. I have been overwhelmed at the stories I read. 'Ordinary' women have such wisdom to share and are doing such cool things. It is my goal to highlight and document that. It's such a privilege to be a part of it.

There are a number of excellent blogs out there to read. And, a HUGE thanks to Lori over at Between Us Girls for her post that not only lists a number of mid-life lady blogs, but gives a short synopsis of each of them too.

It's all laid out right there for you...go to Lori's post and check them out.

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