Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Love, Polyamory, and Mid-Life

Wow, I consider myself a pretty open-minded person. Heck, I've even been saying for a while that, being 50 and single, I need to revamp my own way of thinking about romantic relationships and partners. It's just a challenge to find The One at 50.

OK, I say to myself, maybe I need to explore different ways of thinking about this that aren't the traditional: you meet, you fall in love, spend much of your time together and get married 18 months later. Heck, is that a model for ANYONE these days?? Would I even WANT that if it fell in my lap? Oh, the choices we have nowadays!

But, these last few weeks I've come across a few instances where mid-lifers are taking it to a whole new level. And, it's rocking my world.

Can you say 'polyamorism'?

Polyamorism is the practice of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time. Yes, you're married to someone, but both are free to have intimate relationships outside the marriage. Whoa, now! You heard me right!

I know of two couples who are engaged in this practice right now. I will be doing an article on this for WomenBloom, but for now I just would like to know what YOU think of this idea! Here are just a few of the questions that come to my mind...

What is the 'glue' that sticks the marriage together?

How do you become emotionally secure enough to handle your mate sharing their affection and having sex with other people?

Just to get your commentating juices flowing, here is a video discussing this:

Here are some links that explore the subject:

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Help me out here, I'm trying to get my mind around this.

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